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Indoor Air Quality in Hospital Environments

Ana Carolina Potier Mendes

Artigo publicado em Anais - 2008

Industrialization and the necessity of energy efficiency have influenced building design and construction, making these buildings more sealed to minimize waste through indoor-outdoor air exchanges. From this, the concentration of indoor air pollutants has increased, mostly due to the frequent use of synthetic products, which may bring health problems to people. This is the context where hospitals are inserted with the duty of treating health malaise; however they may be simultaneously contributing to the same illness. Thus, the paper presents some aspects of this contradiction, where the objective is to describe some elements that influence indoor air quality in hospitals environments, according to concepts of sustainability, and how these matters occur and are managed by the institutions. For that, there is a bibliographical review followed by a study of case, accomplished through interviews at a University Hospital in Brazil. In spite of the limitations of the research, the results showed that there is a variety of factors that interferes the quality of air in hospital environments which must be considered once they influence patients’ and professionals’ health. However, the discussion seems to be still very “timid”, even though some preoccupation in this sense is observed. In comparison with developed countries, a significant lateness seems to exist in the discussion on sustainable design and construction by Brazilian hospitals, which reinforces the necessity and the importance of realizing new studies on the subject in the country.

20th Congress of IFHE
Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 19th - 22nd, 2008
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Ana Carolina Potier Mendes
Indoor Air Quality in Hospital Environments
Ana Carolina Potier Mendes
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Ana Carolina Potier
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